New Cairo, Egypt, 2018

Red Bull Office

“The World of Red Bull” a walk through a 350m2 office space interpreting the brand diversity of one of the leading global giants and most popular energy drinks worldwide. Perceived as a young lively brand, through the various activities and distinctive events it brings to the public – sports, music, culture and art – the design concept is based on reflecting the core values, of pride, courage, creativity and innovation, Eklego created an office that enhances their beliefs; an office design that fuses the many cultures within the Red Bull organization into the space, where each space is identified by a unique feature. The project was shortlisted as a finalist at the SBID Office Design Category of the 2019 Awards.




Red Bull Egypt

Product launch:



Interior Design

Principle Designer

Dina El Khachab

Project Leader

Yomna Elgammal